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Any paper or presentation containing results of the research program of CITeR must be submitted for Affiliate review prior to publication of the paper or presentation of results via this website. It is the responsibility of each researcher to ensure that their paper or presentation is submitted prior to publication or presentation. An Affiliate has the right to request a delay in publication for a period not to exceed four (4) months from the date of submission for Affiliate Review, for proprietary reasons, provided that the Affiliate makes a written request and justification for such a delay within sixty (60) days from the date the proposed publication/presentation is posted for review on this website.

For Affiliates: As approved the CITeR Bylaws in Fall 2014, please indicate your intent to request a delay within 21 days, such that faculty can withdraw their publication in a timely manner.

For Faculty: Please post publications/presentations when they are submitted to allow time for affiliate review.

Affiliates and faculty have separate login credentials. Please contact Stephanie Schuckers for your credentials.

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